Random Number Generator — How It Works

Have you ever wondered whether there are predetermined rules under which our universe unfurls? The majority of people claim that the universe is random, meaning all events that happen in our lives happen randomly.

One way to prove that is our luck. One never knows when the element of luck is going to be on their side, and there’s no certain way to make the luck stay with us.

The entire gambling industry is built on luck, and the list they can do is make sure that the element of luck is always the thing that determines who wins and who doesn’t.

If you like to play real money slots, you probably asked this question — are these games rigged? The majority of online casino games are not rigged and are dependent on the element of luck. The main thing responsible for this is called the Random Number Generator.

The popular RNG is actually a computer program that is used in many games, including the ones that are available in casinos. Simply put, it just randomly selects one of the possible results for your game.

Therefore, when you spin the reels, the RNG will select one of the thousands upon thousands of possible combos, and you will get that combo as a result.

Checked And Tested

These RNGs are complex pieces of software, and casinos do their best to have them regularly evaluated and tested. The truth is, no software is unhackable nowadays, but reputable sites are one step ahead as they often make full security audits and the so-called “penetration testing” to ensure that nobody can tamper with RNG.

That’s why choosing a casino on which you want to play games is extremely important. It’s important that the online platform of your choice has an official license from an official regulator, meaning it will not trick you in any way, let alone rig some of its slot machines.

We made a list of real money slots online that are available in the US. All of the platforms on this list use RNG, which is regularly audited, tested, and updated, to ensure maximum security and safety.

Therefore, make sure to take a look at our list and feel free to select one of the platforms that you think is the best for you. Once you do that, open an account and feel free to play any game you want, knowing that RNG will do its job and make the game you play truly random. Just like our universe is.