What Is the Drake Club and How Does It Work?

Many online casinos offer various kind of bonuses and welcome bonuses to attract new players, but some of them fail to retain the players who spend their welcome bonus money. In order to keep the existing customers happy, online casinos create additional promotions such as cash back promos, free spins, deposit bonuses, and more.

Drake Casino is a place where you can play real money slots and other popular casino games. They decided to take one step further and introduced a special type of members club called the Drake Club.

The entire club is not really a VIP members’ club but once you reach the Amber level, you will be recognized as a VIP member of the platform. Each level offers a type of reload bonus, a Tuesday bonus and a Saturday bonus. As you progress through levels, these bonuses would increase.

There are three levels which offer very lucrative bonuses for new players – Ivory, Onyx, and Platinum. Once you are not considered a new player, you will start progressing through normal levels.

Speaking of levels, the club has nine normal levels, and the first one is called Amber, which will grant you 10% on all deposits but no Tuesday and Saturday promos. The next level is Bronze and it offers increased promos – 15% on all deposits.

The third level is the Silver level which offers $20 on all deposits, and the fourth level is Gold. Once you become a Gold member, you will unlock Tuesday and Saturday promotions that will gradually increase as you make progress.

The fifth level is Diamond and it offers 40% on all deposits plus 75% up to $500 on Tuesday and 100% up to $500 on Saturday (the Gold offers the same Tuesday and Saturday promos).

The sixth level is Emerald, and it will reward you with 50% on all deposits, and the same Tuesday and Saturday promos. In fact, these promotions stay the same until you reach Level 9.

The seventh level is Ruby where you get 60% on all deposits, and this increases to 70% once you are on Level 8 called Topaz. Finally, level 9, called Red Diamon, will offer 100% an all deposits, 100% up to $500 on Tuesday and 100% up to $500 on Saturday.

That’s pretty much it. If you like playing online slot machines, make sure to check out Drake casino and its club which could bring you a lot of rewards to enhance your online casino experience.