Different Types of Online Slot

All of the best USA friendly online casinos feature slots and at each site you’ll probably find there are more real money slots than any other type of game. Casino classics like blackjack and roulette might bring the glamour and might be the games that Hollywood portrays in the casino but in the real world (be that online or offline) it’s slots that are the most popular and most common casino game going.

As such it should come as no major surprise that real money slots come in a wide range of styles and here we take a look at the different types of slots you’ll find at our partner online casinos.

Progressive jackpot slots are a good place to start, especially if you believe that big is best. Progressive slots themselves can come in a variety of styles but their defining feature is the huge jackpots from which they take their name. Progressive slots pool a linked jackpot across a number of machines, casinos or software companies in order to provide a top prize bigger than you’ll find just about anywhere else. Realtime Gaaming, the best US-friendly software provider, has several slots with seven figure jackpots, whilst a UK player won more than $20m in 2015 and top prizes in Vegas can go even higher.

At the other end of the spectrum are very traditional, old-fashioned ‘classic’ slots, which usually feature relatively low prizes and often just three reels. The most traditional slots, which are increasingly rare these days, feature three reels and just a single win line and these are great for people who want low stakes play and a simple game where it’s very obvious when you hit a win.

The polar opposite in terms of lines and modernity are multi-line slots with 50 or even 100 win lines. These invariably have five reels and can pay out some huge sums if you hit a win on many of the lines. Whilst wins are common, due to the large stakes required to cover all lines, wins worth less than your total stake are also quite usual.

Another type of slot is the 3D slot, with more and more software firms offering slots they claim are 3D. The graphics on these slots are often very impressive, although don’t expect the sort of 3D experience you’d get at the cinema.

Talking about the cinema, finally we have themed and big brand slots. Many slots use a movie franchise or brand under license to create slots that are instantly recognizable, for example based on a super hero or even a real life person. These can be fun if you’re a fan and, as with many slots, they can cross more than one of the aforementioned styles, with movie-themed progressives quite common.