Online Slots v Slots in a Real-World Casino

Playing real money online slots is a real revelation for many casino and slots fans who may have only ever played these fun and exciting games on their occasional visits to Vegas or another bricks and mortar casino resort. Playing online casino games offers so many advantages over visiting a real casino that it’s no surprise that pro-Vegas lobbyist Sheldon Adelson is prepared to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to try and get online gambling totally banned in the USA. He’s fighting a losing battle and in many ways an un-American, anti-libertarian one, it might be argued by some.

Here we take a look at the benefits of playing great slots online, as well as the areas where a “real-word” casino may just about always have the advantage.


Let’s start with Vegas’ trump card – the atmosphere of a physical casino. Much as online casinos and slots sites offer a wonderful product, they will almost certainly never be able to rival a trip to a real casino in terms of the atmosphere and excitement available. Being around other people and sharing in their wins and losses is all part of the fun for many, and whilst live casinos, chat functionality and updates on any big wins are all well and good, the first point has to go to bricks and mortar casinos.


Now let’s move right to the number one trump card of the online casinos: their unparalleled convenience. Even if you happen to be a resident of a town with a local casino, nothing is as convenient as playing great slots in your own house, or even on your own cell phone, whenever and wherever you choose.


A trip to the casino may be exciting but that doesn’t come free. You may have to fly or at least drive there, whilst accommodation, drinks and food will all set you back, even allowing for the comps you may earn. Play in your own home, drink your own beer, eat your own food and it’s another win for online slots.

Casino Bonuses

Online slots sites and casinos will just about always give you a bonus when you join, allowing you to play longer, for higher stakes and, hopefully, make a profit. In a physical casino you may get certain offers and the odd free drink but nothing like the thousands of dollars in bonuses the best online casinos will give their customers.