Tips for Winning at Online Slots

Playing online slots should only ever be fun and you should, of course, always play within your limits. But there is no question that playing is a whole lot more fun when you’re winning and whilst we can’t offer you a magic silver bullet to slay the slots and take the casinos to the cleaners, we can give you some useful tips to improve your chances, extend your fun and up your odds of success.

Real money slots come in many shapes and sizes, with player return values varying wildly between some of the best slots and some of the worst. Choosing a slot with a low house edge and a high return to player percentage is the easiest way to give yourself the best shot at winning and this is simple math. The more the slot is configured to keep in profit, the less it will pay out and the quicker you’ll lose your money. Some slots sites list the return for each slot, whilst others will necessitate a quick live chat or email with customer services. If you still can’t get an answer then, in general, the simpler the slot, the better your odds, with progressive jackpot slots and more complex ones often having a higher house edge.

Our next top tip is, again, fairly obvious: take advantage of online casino bonuses. Playing real money slots at US-friendly casinos has one huge advantage, aside from convenience, over playing in a real bricks and mortar casino: online you’ll almost always have a welcome bonus to play with. With some casinos offering new customers huge bonuses worth 200% or even 300% of their initial deposit, your playing time automatically just increased, meaning more fun and more spins in which to hit that big win.

Our final tip may be rather boring but it’s perhaps the oldest gambling advice there is and comes in two parts. First, never chase your losses: just because a slot has taken a lot of your cash doesn’t mean a big payout is due (or even any more likely) and chasing losses can soon leave you in a bad mood.

Second, and thinking more positively, know to quit when you’re ahead. On those great days when your slots luck is flying, have a target in mind and when you hit that profit level stop and walk away a happy casino customer. Nothing beats walking away in profit and that’s the best slots tip we have!