Playing Progressive Slots Online

Playing slots is great fun and a nice way to pass a few spare hours with the chance of winning a tidy profit. With the advent of mobile slots you can even play your favorite slots and casino games on the move, with many great online casinos offering their games in versions you can play on your mobile phone. However, for many players there is only one type of slot worth playing and that is the progressive slot.

What is a Progressive Slot?

A progressive slot, sometimes called a jackpot slot, is a game that links a large number of slots together with a pooled prize that can be big… REALLY BIG! Progressives are offered in bricks and mortar casinos as well as online and may be linked according to what software they run on or alternatively among a group of casinos that are in some way partner sites.

When you play a slot, most of your wager goes towards the main prize that you can win but a small portion goes towards the networked jackpot prize and this grows and grows until someone hits the big one and scoops the sometimes astronomically vast pile of cash.

How Big do Progressive Jackpots Go?

The biggest prizes ever won are truly staggering, with several prizes of around $40m having been hit in Las Vegas and also online. The jackpots vary according to the specific slot and how long it has been since someone last scooped the jackpot but you’re almost always talking thousands of dollars, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, with many slots having a top prize of more than $1m.

At the time of writing RTG – one of the best software providers for slots and casino games – had progressive prizes totaling more than $11m on their network. Aztec’s Millions, one of the most famous progressives around, is standing at more than $1.6m (as of January 30th 2015) and there are loads with equally huge, life-changing prizes also available.

How do I play a Progressive Slot?

Just the same way you would a normal slot, although it’s worth checking that your spin size/number of coins is eligible for the big one because some slots only pay out the progressive jackpot for a full-stakes spin.