How We Choose an Online Casino

We are happy you found our website and look forward to hopefully recommending an online casino for you to play USA real money slots online. While we say these are the best online casinos for USA players to play online slots for real money, what does that really mean? Just because we say they are the best you may be wondering how we choose which online casinos to list and what makes these casinos the best places to play.

Firstly I would like to say that I have playing at online casinos for over 10 years and have played at my share of good as well as bad online casinos. That is how I actually began building websites, because I was frustrated with a few casinos but really what I could we do about it? Some casinos would pay so slow and it seemed like no matter what I didn’t have a fighting chance of actually winning any money.

My first website listed the bad casinos I had played at to warn other players so they would not play there. After the website was built for about a year visitors started asking what casinos they should play at and what casinos I recommended. At that time I decided to start a website that actually recommended online casinos instead of just listing the ones that I felt were bad.

Living in the United States I had trouble finding online casinos that could get my credit card approved for making deposits and many times had to send money by Western Union so I could play. Eventually I found a few casinos that did a good job getting USA credit cards approved and played there. From the online casinos that were actually able to get credit card deposits approved I started listing the ones that I felt were the best.

With all of that said, that is really how I choose which online casinos to recommend here and on other websites I run. The first and most important thing is the casinos ability to get USA credit cards approved. After all, a casino can offer the best games and the the biggest bonuses but if you cant get a deposit approved you cant play there anyway so what is the point? The banking options of an online casino is the first thing I look at. The casino has to get deposits approved and the casino also has to send withdraws quickly.

I have waited up to 30 days to receive a withdraw from online casinos in the past and I really think that is ridiculous. There is no reason it should take that long and the longer it takes the more anxious I become worrying that I will never be paid. All of the USA casinos listed here send withdraws quickly and none will take 30 days to send you your winnings. Most will have your winnings in your hand or bank account within 5 business days with 10 days being the maximum. Some send withdraws so quickly you will have it the very next day or within 48 hours. 5Dimes for example send withdraws by Western Union and I have had my cash pickup details in less that 24 hours!

So if a casino has good banking options the next thing I look for is to see if the casino is audited for fairness. The Internet is like the wild wild west and if you get scammed there is nothing you can do about it. Good online casinos will hire outside third party auditors that will test their software and games periodically. The results are then posted online where anyone can see them. If a casino does not get audited I will not play there and they will never be recommended on this website. Any online casino should have nothing to hide and should welcome audits just to prove that their games are fair.

If a casino meets all the above I then make sure it is licensed in a reputable jurisdiction and all the casinos listed here are. Receiving a license is expensive! So if a casino takes the time and investment to legally operate and pays the fees associated with it, the casino has no intentions of suddenly disappearing. While it does not happen as often now because of websites like this one, some casino operators would launch an online casino, take all the deposits that came in and close down before making a single payout. If a casino pays the fee for a license it cant just simply disappear or they would be out all of the money it cost to receive the license.

So if a casino gets deposits approved, pays quickly, gets audited by a third party and has a legitimate license I are happy to play there. The only other things I look for is nice software, a helpful customer service staff and some nice bonuses. If a casino meets all of those criteria, I will list the casino here and that is how we choose which online casinos to list.